People reading a “testimonial” about an attorney may wonder who wrote the testimonial or if there were ever such a client.


After your meet with Mr. Hansen and if you desire to talk with one of his clients about debtor representation, creditor representation or state court litigation, Mr. Hansen will give you the contact information to communicate.

One of the Best

Bernard is truly a brilliant attorney. You would be very fortunate to have him on your side if your case has anything to do with bankruptcy or civil litigation. I’m thankful that I was fortunate enough to meet him and have him as my attorney.

— Anonymous, San Diego (Avvo)

Bankruptcy Expert

Bernie is a long time colleague. As a commercial litigation lawyer I am often faced with complex bankruptcy issues. Bankruptcy is not my area of expertise and when I need assistance, I have always been able to obtain prompt, expert assistance from Bernie. Anyone that needs bankruptcy advice from a true expert could not do better than Bernie. For years have have been referring creditors to Bernie for assistance and lately he has been accepting debtors cases as well. For a complex bankruptcy issue, Bernie is the first and last person I call.

— William, San Diego (Avvo)

A Satisfied Client

I hired Mr. Hansen to assist in the settlement of a debt instead of bankruptcy. He was very understanding and patient listened to my concerns and explained all my options. Once a course of action was decided upon he kept me informed at all times and discussed the next step in the process so I was always aware of what was happening. Mr. Hansen is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and patient, understanding that most of us don’t go through these things often. I will certainly recommend. A very satisfied client.

— Anonymous, San Diego (Avvo)

Bernard Hansen is an Excellent Attorney

I have known Bernard professionally for several years. I don’t think I’ve come across another attorney so knowledgable in the bankruptcy field. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

— Jennifer, San Diego (Avvo)

Top Creditor and Bankruptcy Attorney

Bernard Hansen has been my attorney for approximately 7 years, after I had contacted a number of attorneys for possible help on some sticky cases I had. These cases were all creditor related or in bankruptcy court where I had to oppose an unjustified bankruptcy. The attorneys I had contacted seemed perplexed by the difficulty of the cases, and one finally said: “Oh, you don’t want me. You want Bernard. He’s one of the toughest opponents I’ve come across in court.” I went with Bernard, and now would go nowhere else. He is thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. He’s a listener. Bernard thinks ahead to every pitfall and hiccup that might arise. He’s a strategist from the start of each case. And Bernard likes to win. If you’re looking for a top attorney, Bernard is the one I most highly recommend.

— Peter, San Diego (Avvo)

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